• SAUDI PROMETRIC Practice test-30 questions(SAUDI-PROMETRIC exam for NURSES's seeking employment in UAE. Understand SAUDI-PROMETRIC exam format in 30 minutes!!).

    This test includes all the final SAUDI-PROMETRIC Exam features including Marking Questions, Countdown timer and more. If you think this Free Practice Test was useful please sign up for the complete SAUDI-PROMETRIC Full Online Coaching and Test Prep!

    Self enrolment
  • SAUDI PROMETRIC Simulated Practice Test (includes Free Practice Test) : 1 month for Rs 2500.00

  • SAUDI - PROMETRIC Online coaching and TestPrep Training for nurses : 40+ video lectures , more than 10 Simulated Comprehensive Practice Tests with MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), Guides and Chapter Tests on all Knowledge Areas: 30 days (1 month) for Rs 5000

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